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Multi-day rafting trips for family and corporate holidays

#waterleague - that's what we call ourselves in the vastness of social networks.

And every day is a new opportunity for our team to develop a new route. We have already visited two lakes this month. Long Lake and Orlinskoe Lake are an ideal option for holding a corporate party. Quiet, calm and close to close people. Everyone is taking a break from the routine of gray days. Rejuvenate body and soul.

Of course, river rafting has the same attributes.

The food on the fire is the food of the Gods. Fish soup with freshly caught fish or potatoes with stew, like in the good old days.

We ##waterleague organize a "turnkey" corporate party, a simple one-day rafting or a multi-day rafting.

Developed routes along the Luga and Oredezh rivers. There is a two-day route to Kingisepp along the Luga River.

We are waiting for the rafting!

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